Pay Your Fees

Members, please pay your fees on time. Your fees must be paid before stepping onto the mat. Please view the fee schedule and pay online with PayPal.

Code of Conduct

Judo is a sport that can not be practiced and perfected without a partner. For this reason, the values of our sport are expected to become part of the participants’ behavior both on and off the mat.



Support your child in their effort to improve. Remember, there is a very thin line between supporting and pushing your child.

Always respect the teachers, partners and opponents of your child. Without them, there is no progress, and Judo is not possible.

If you like what you see in Judo programs, try it out. The Burnaby Judo Club also offers programs to adults.

You may become a Judoka at any age. Those who practice Judo for life enjoy the social and personal connection developed with the people who share the same passion for Judo.

Tournament Registration

We are working hard to bring you this content soon.


We are working hard to bring you this content soon.