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Jigoro Kano - Founder of Kodokan Judo
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Welcome to the Burnaby Judo Club  

Burnaby Judo Club

Judo is a martial art steeped in tradition that is a non-violent exercise which we believe is an excellent activity for young people as well as adults.

Sensei Henry Mukai leads a junior workout.

Judo teaches self discipline, physical fitness and confidence.

Here, we never use the word "can't". We always encourage our students to "try".

The Burnaby Judo Club was established in the mid sixties and has developed into one of the largest and strongest clubs on the West Coast.

Throughout the years, our club has produced an outstanding list of junior and senior national champions.

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BJC Brochure Download our portable Burnaby Judo CLub Brochure.

The brochure has a brief history and philosophy of Judo, class schedule, location map and contact information.


A Recipe for Success

If you used a quick show of hands to take a survey among athletes and asked "who wants to be a champion?" likely everyone would raise their hands. Of course, all athletes want to succeed in their sport. However, how many athletes are truly willing to make the commitment and follow the necessary steps required to achieve their goals? Read the Full Story

What's New!

Judo Coaching Report to Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA) 22nd Deaflympics / July 26-Aug 4, 2013 / Sofia, Bulgaria Athlete: Marco Chiaramonte

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French Judo Magazine - L'esprit du Judo

L'esprit du Judo

Team BC Selection Criteria and Resources

Please visit Judo BC to download the latest documents for Team BC Selection Criteria, Training Camps and Resources.



Canada West Judo Tournament 2012

Steveston Judo Tournament February 19, 2011

Vancouver International Open

Judo Tournament Schedule

Concussion Management Brochure

Concussion Management

The concussion management resource card was developed by Football BC and is currently promoted by Sport Med BC in their sport injury management course.

Club Fees

Club fees and Judo BC fees are due October 1, 2010. Please make sure that your fees are up to date. Visit our Club Information page to calculate your fees.

Beginner Kids Judo

Ringworm Management

Sports Medecine and Science Committee Report

PDF DocumentMember Assistance Criteria

Posted 11/1/04

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Judo photos by UK photographer David Finch

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