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The Burnaby Judo Club is, with the exception of the Head Coach, run and operated solely by volunteers. It takes many hours of time and dedication by volunteers to train and teach each and every judoka that attends sessions at our club.

As well, our volunteers spend many hours behind the scenes in many different capacities to operate a judo club of this size.

There is a great need to involve more people in the events of this club and with that comes many benefits. As the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work”. If we are able to incorporate more help our volunteers will tire less quickly and we will be able to build a better club with even better programming. We will also have the added benefit of getting to know our membership better.

Keeping these thoughts in mind we are now seeking volunteers to form a support group for the club. The purpose of the support group will be to assist the Board of Directors in communicating information to our membership and planning and implementing activities for the club.

Such activities may include fundraising activities, social activities for junior and adult members as well as the parents and families of these members, awards presentations, and annual events such as the year end picnic and our tournament. We would appreciate hearing from any interested individuals.

Please sign up on the form posted on the bulletin board at the club or e-mail your contact information to

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

The Burnaby Judo Club Board of Directors


We are working hard to bring you this content soon.


We are working hard to bring you this content soon.