Rules & Regulations

In the Dojo

Nail Clipper

  1. BE punctual at all scheduled meetings.
  2. HELP to keep the Dojo clean and in good repair.
  3. WEAR traditional judogi properly at all practice sessions.
  4. WEAR a white T-shirt under the judo uniform (applicable to women only).
  5. KEEP their judogi clean and in good repair.
  6. WEAR the belt of their earned rank.
  7. KEEP their bodies clean and finger and toe nails trimmed.
  8. REMOVE all jewelry and hard objects when exercising.
  9. AVOID chewing gum or having candy or food in their mouths while on the mat.
  10. ABSTAIN from practicing Judo while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. REFRAIN from engaging in idle talk while on the mat.
  12. REMAIN quiet and attentive when not practicing.
  13. BE courteous and helpful to each other at all times.
  14. USE the correct forms of standing or kneeling bows.
  15. SIT in an acceptable manner while on the mat.
  16. OBEY the instructions of their Judo instructors and address them in the proper manner.
  17. ACCEPT instruction from an authorized instructor only.
  18. PRACTICE only those techniques that are appropriate to the age, aptitude and ability of their partners.
  19. SEEK to practice with higher ranking opponents.
  20. ENGAGE in competition only when authorized by the instructor.
  21. FOLLOW the rules of the contest.
  22. RESPECT the referee’s decision at all times.
  23. OBEY the Dojo rules relating to first-aid treatment of injuries.

IJF Rules and Regulations

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